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Recruitment Conundrum: What to Do with Under Qualified Candidates?

In the recruitment world, there are some realities that can be unpleasant at worst, and blessings in disguise at their best. When sourcing for new employees, one is bound to come across candidates who don't exactly fit the bill. You... Continue Reading →

How Marijuana Legalization May Affect Employers

USA Mobile Drug Testing reveals how new marijuana legalization may affect employers in this special featured post! This is a hot topic with many employers today, especially when there are already certain risks and problems associated with controlled substances in... Continue Reading →

Strategies for Preventing Workplace Identity Theft

Each year, there are millions of unsuspecting consumers who fall prey to some form of identity theft. Many times, this happens right under the noses of employees as they conduct their normal work tasks. Email phishing, odd phone calls, and... Continue Reading →

6 Steps to a Safer Work Environment

Whether you are an owner, manager or worker, there's a good chance that you're probably interested in creating a safer work environment. A safer work environment overall is great for business. The safer your workplace, the fewer the opportunities for... Continue Reading →

Perfecting Employee Performance Beats Bad HR Data

In order to make sound business decisions, we need reliable data. What happens when that data simply does not exist or, even worse, the data you have is bad data? Marcus Buckingham makes the case for bad HR data in... Continue Reading →

8 Genius Ways Your Company Can Boost Employee Engagement

Ask most human resource professionals what’s on their minds (outside of what’s for lunch?) and they are usually concerned with how well the company is doing with employee engagement. Why is this factor so important nowadays? First off, employee engagement... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Data: How Analytical Thinking Separates You from the HR Pack

How many of us got into Human Resources because someone told us we’re a “people person?” Chances are that you have heard this many times. Of course... You’re fair. Cautious. An outstanding communicator and negotiator. You believe in ethics, and... Continue Reading →

HR Writer Blogazine Seeks Guest Blogs

At HR Writer, we love sharing everything there is to know about human resources, recruitment, careers, and technology around these markets. But, it's impossible for any one team of writers to tap into the collective expertise of thousands of professionals... Continue Reading →

Getting Real about Performance Management

A good performance management system lays the foundation for all kinds of employment decisions, motivates employees by recognizing success and corrects issues before they get out of control.Sounds great in theory, right? Unfortunately, we are often so busy that we... Continue Reading →

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