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Social Media in HR

What Does Employee Engagement Look Like for Your Company?

Even though it might look like your employees are arriving to the workplace smiling and happily completing their work, things don’t always look like they may seem on the outside. Your "best" employees could actually be your worst nightmare. For... Continue Reading →

Human Resources: Is Google Helpouts a New Option for Contract Workers?

Google released the Helpouts program in November 2013. It features live video advice from experts in a variety of categories, from cooking to construction. At the moment, only select companies have been invited to participate in the marketplace, but opportunities... Continue Reading →

Social Media Management Basics for HR

Social media is hitting human resources in a big way. Forbes predicts that 2013 is the year companies will be integrating social technologies into their recruiting and employee development programs. Silk Road’s State of Social Technology and Talent Management study... Continue Reading →

How Can You Use Social Recruiting to Lure in Passive Talent?

You know the importance of using social recruiting as a way to lure in prospective candidates who are out there looking for work. Yet, what you may not be doing much of is focusing on passive talent. That is, you... Continue Reading →

5 Favorite Human Resource Apps for Social Recruiting

Recruiters today are challenged to find the best candidates for companies using social networks. However, using social searches for recruiting is time consuming and there can be multiple networks to manage. To streamline this process, technology gurus have designed some... Continue Reading →

The HR Writer Participates in the 2013 WordCount Blogathon

As many of The HR Writer's readers know, educating and sharing updates about important human resource and recruitment topics are my passion. When it comes to getting this information out there to the masses, no other medium has the power... Continue Reading →

Does Business Branding Matter When Searching for the Ideal Candidate?

It may not seem like your corporate brand would play a role in attracting candidates, but the two have more to do with each other than you may realize. If you want an ongoing line-up of qualified candidates for positions... Continue Reading →

Why Technology Makes it Hard to Hire the Right People

Even those with a human resources master’s degree can be sidetracked by the amazing amount of information available concerning individual job candidates - found on the Internet. Not only will a simple Google search usually provide multiple pages of personal... Continue Reading →

Should Your Organization be a Social Enterprise?

With more than half of all organizational HR professionals turning to some form of social media to network and connect with the public, should yours follow suit? A 2012 Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) report stated that 40 percent... Continue Reading →

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