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The Center of it All is Human Resources

In a recent conversation with a colleague of mine, the subject came up about the ever-increasing pressures that human resource practitioners face daily. One would think with all the technology and resources that are available today that this wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

Human Resource Career Advancement – Finally Getting Some Respect?

As an HR lady, I often faced a general attitude of disregard from executives. Back in the day when I was managing the people processes of a tristate manufacturing business, I can remember being left out of important decision making... Continue Reading →

What Does Employee Engagement Look Like for Your Company?

Even though it might look like your employees are arriving to the workplace smiling and happily completing their work, things don’t always look like they may seem on the outside. Your "best" employees could actually be your worst nightmare. For... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Data: How Analytical Thinking Separates You from the HR Pack

How many of us got into Human Resources because someone told us we’re a “people person?” Chances are that you have heard this many times. Of course... You’re fair. Cautious. An outstanding communicator and negotiator. You believe in ethics, and... Continue Reading →

Getting Real about Performance Management

A good performance management system lays the foundation for all kinds of employment decisions, motivates employees by recognizing success and corrects issues before they get out of control.Sounds great in theory, right? Unfortunately, we are often so busy that we... Continue Reading →

What Employees REALLY Want from their Employer

This should be common sense, but there are certain things employees want from their employer most the time that can elude even the best of HR teams. And it doesn’t matter which industry we speak of or how long the... Continue Reading →

HR & Recruiting Tips – 3 Ways You’re Missing Out on Better Candidates

A competent workforce is essential to the success of any business. As a human resources professional, the responsibility of finding the best and the brightest falls mostly on you. However, stress, a cumbersome hiring process, and other common factors may... Continue Reading →

10 Ideas for Incentives and Bonuses for Employees

Your employees work hard every day – so don’t they deserve some recognition? When it comes to creating a more engaged workforce, nothing compares to a well-managed incentive and bonus program for employees. Whether your team is small or you... Continue Reading →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Team-building as a Way to Create Employee Engagement

Managers often refer to employee engagement and team-building as essential elements in retaining high-calibre workers. The advantages and disadvantages of team-building are clear: without a team-building premise, employees may feel adrift and lack necessary supervision; the disadvantages of team-building can... Continue Reading →

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