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HR Writer Contributes to HR Magazine in Favor of Corporate Dress Codes

Corporate dress codes have been around as long as facsimile machines and mod office furniture. I’m pretty sure that the fashion show at work was pretty interesting before HR policies came along to crack down on potentially offensive attire. (Like... Continue Reading →

How Marijuana Legalization May Affect Employers

USA Mobile Drug Testing reveals how new marijuana legalization may affect employers in this special featured post! This is a hot topic with many employers today, especially when there are already certain risks and problems associated with controlled substances in... Continue Reading →

Strategies for Preventing Workplace Identity Theft

Each year, there are millions of unsuspecting consumers who fall prey to some form of identity theft. Many times, this happens right under the noses of employees as they conduct their normal work tasks. Email phishing, odd phone calls, and... Continue Reading →

Keep Drugs and Alcohol Out of the Workplace

United States Department of Labor data shows six percent of Americans aged 12 or older used drugs within the past month, and use is greater in those between the ages of 16 and 25 – the segment of the population... Continue Reading →

Why Employers Perform Pre-Employment Background Checks

“Don’t they trust me?”   That question is heard frequently in and around the employment circuit, usually in regards to the pre-employment background check. An applicant who poses this question has generally gone to great lengths to impress his or... Continue Reading →

What Employees REALLY Want from their Employer

This should be common sense, but there are certain things employees want from their employer most the time that can elude even the best of HR teams. And it doesn’t matter which industry we speak of or how long the... Continue Reading →

10 FAQs About Employee Background Checks

You hear about it in the news, on the radio, and on television every day.  Cases of workplace violence on the rise. Embezzlement on the rise. Sexual harassment on the rise. Background checks on all future hires are even MORE... Continue Reading →

When Bad Weather Strikes – An HR Manager’s Guide to Unscheduled Time Off Requests

In the last few months, as numerous storms have swept across the USA, it’s not surprising that the amount of time off requests coming in to the HR office have been high for many employers. This is usually the norm,... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Update Your Workplace Labor Law Posters and Employee Handbooks in Just 2 Steps!

Near the end of the year, when many are focusing on holiday parties and vacations, the human resource department is busy planning for the upcoming year. This can include end-of-year performance reviews, compensation and incentive planning, employee training and development,... Continue Reading →

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