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HR Writer Contributes to HR Magazine in Favor of Corporate Dress Codes

Corporate dress codes have been around as long as facsimile machines and mod office furniture. I’m pretty sure that the fashion show at work was pretty interesting before HR policies came along to crack down on potentially offensive attire. (Like... Continue Reading →

Update Onboarding Procedures by Transitioning to New Digital Technology

It's time to update onboarding in the workplace. The "old school" ways of bringing new hires into the fold just don't work well anymore. The war for talent is heating up and this means the competition is all clambering after... Continue Reading →

Flexible Holiday Hours Makes For Happier Employees

One of the toughest tasks that every company faces during holiday season is putting together a schedule that makes everyone happy, whilst also ensuring that enough employees are available each day. Flexible holiday hours are often the most effective way... Continue Reading →

How to Manage a Team of Diverse (or Conflicting) Personalities

It can be a really difficult task to manage people especially when the people in question are a group of diverse and conflicting personalities. It doesn’t have to be so difficult particularly towards achieving a set goal. Below are a... Continue Reading →

Human Resource Career Advancement – Finally Getting Some Respect?

As an HR lady, I often faced a general attitude of disregard from executives. Back in the day when I was managing the people processes of a tristate manufacturing business, I can remember being left out of important decision making... Continue Reading →

What Does Employee Engagement Look Like for Your Company?

Even though it might look like your employees are arriving to the workplace smiling and happily completing their work, things don’t always look like they may seem on the outside. Your "best" employees could actually be your worst nightmare. For... Continue Reading →

Recruitment Conundrum: What to Do with Under Qualified Candidates?

In the recruitment world, there are some realities that can be unpleasant at worst, and blessings in disguise at their best. When sourcing for new employees, one is bound to come across candidates who don't exactly fit the bill. You... Continue Reading →

How Marijuana Legalization May Affect Employers

USA Mobile Drug Testing reveals how new marijuana legalization may affect employers in this special featured post! This is a hot topic with many employers today, especially when there are already certain risks and problems associated with controlled substances in... Continue Reading →

Strategies for Preventing Workplace Identity Theft

Each year, there are millions of unsuspecting consumers who fall prey to some form of identity theft. Many times, this happens right under the noses of employees as they conduct their normal work tasks. Email phishing, odd phone calls, and... Continue Reading →

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