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Flexible Holiday Hours Makes For Happier Employees

One of the toughest tasks that every company faces during holiday season is putting together a schedule that makes everyone happy, whilst also ensuring that enough employees are available each day. Flexible holiday hours are often the most effective way... Continue Reading →

What Employees REALLY Want from their Employer

This should be common sense, but there are certain things employees want from their employer most the time that can elude even the best of HR teams. And it doesn’t matter which industry we speak of or how long the... Continue Reading →

Voluntary Benefits Add Value to Compensation Plans for 2014

As more requirements and deadlines loom under the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), and the job market sways in favor of job seekers; many Human Resource practitioners are looking for ways to make company benefit packages more attractive to quality... Continue Reading →

When Bad Weather Strikes – An HR Manager’s Guide to Unscheduled Time Off Requests

In the last few months, as numerous storms have swept across the USA, it’s not surprising that the amount of time off requests coming in to the HR office have been high for many employers. This is usually the norm,... Continue Reading →

Dark Cloud Over the American Government as Health Insurance Exchanges Open

Early this morning, while the rest of Americans made their daily commutes to jobs or opened the doors of businesses, the government made the announcement that they would be closing down amid squabbles over, you guessed it - health care policy!... Continue Reading →

10 Ideas for Incentives and Bonuses for Employees

Your employees work hard every day – so don’t they deserve some recognition? When it comes to creating a more engaged workforce, nothing compares to a well-managed incentive and bonus program for employees. Whether your team is small or you... Continue Reading →

National Employee Wellness Month – Wellness Gets Better Thanks to Obamacare

June 2013 is the 5th annual National Employee Wellness Month. With new guidelines recently released by the Obama administration, wellness is currently the HR issue du jour. Employers can offer employees a 30 percent discount on health premiumsfor participation in... Continue Reading →

Employee Incentive Idea – Making the Case for Corporate Catering

If you are like most business owners, you are always looking for ways to improve your company. Top-notch employees with the highest morale at the lowest operating cost possible—who doesn’t want to achieve that in the workplace?   But perhaps you... Continue Reading →

20 Years Later – FMLA Still Supporting Work Life Balance

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) that went into law in 1993, it's a good time to look back at the way this workplace law made it possible for millions of hard-working... Continue Reading →

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